Sunday, June 19, 2005

Goodbye... for now.

I'm leaving my home of 8 years (Chennai, that is) and family of 21 years in 2 days. Less actually, 31 hours or so. I'm off to Ahmedabad on Monday...

The last week has been a whirlwind of activity. Visting relatives, last minute packing, wondering whether I should take a pillow along or buy one there, realising I wasn't using the most efficient way of ironing a shirt, buying stationary, listening to endless lectures on why I should eat properly (padikkyara payyon), trying to remain strighfaced when sermonized by well-meaning uncles on the evils of alcohol (too late!)...

And catching up on memories. I didn't realise, until a week ago, that clearing one's desk can be such an emotional experience. The cover of a failed album by a failed band I was part of 10 years ago, old birthday cards, notebooks with more doodles than useful content, arbit quiz papers, little chits that had been passed to me in class, a forgotten photo of an unforgettable girl... I lingered on every photograph, every scrap of paper, every memory, even as my mother kept pushing me to clear everything as soon as possible.

I also met some of my closer friends, and in each case managed to hold my tears back until I was alone and have a quiet little memories-regrets-loss-missing session in private.

And I bought a suit! I hate shopping in general, and even more so for clothes. But when I saw the suit and felt the material, I fell totally in love with it. Yours truly believes he looks rather natty in it.
This, of course, is relative, since the aforementioned yours truly (not to be confused with yours Schumacher or yours Hakkinen) is usually to be found in shorts or a rather disreputable pair of jeans that are crying (actually, not so much crying as slashing their wrists in agony) for a hard, good, long-overdue wash.
Anyways, it's a whole new life there and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm very excited, and am looking forward to recording all my inital impression on this blog for posterity. I don't think I'll have a computer for atleast 10 days after I get there, and when I'll get an internet connection is something I dare not think about now. The upshot of all this uncertainty is that I will not have any contact with this blog until say, the 5th of July. So, if you find this blog curiously static, don't think I've given up blogging or have gone into hibernation or have been run over or something of the sort. In the words of Governor Arnie, "I'll be back". (Sylvester Stallone later said, "I'll be Beethoven" but no one paid him any attention. (Pause for hysterical laughter and applause.))

For any first time visitors during my hiatus, here is quick intro to my blog and life to bring you up to speed (Please do click on the links or else...):

Q. Who is this AC guy anyways?
A. I'm a regular chap in almost aspects of life and existence except that I'm just a little nuts and am an Anna University engineering graduate. For further details, read each and every single entry in this blog... If you're female and would like me to read it out to you, call me.

Q. Why is he going to Ahmedabad?
A. The truth might be in the vaguely-described "out there", but the answer is here and here, in two parts!

Q. What does he look like?
A. Oh, normal. 10 digits, one nose, two eyes, all that. Plus a paunch! Batteries not included, some assembly required.

Q. Does he have a sex life?
A. A very good question. Here's the closest I've got to it. If you are female and would like to volunteer to educate me in this respect, call me.

Q. Does he have any special talents?
A. You bet! I'm a pro at a very special contact sport. If you are female and would like coaching, call me.

Q. Does he love nature?
A. Well... yes and no.

Q. Why is he even named AC? Is there an expansion, or is that a sad attempt at trying to convince the world he's cool?
A. Ah, why I am named what I am named makes for a very interesting story. I'm just too lazy to tell it to you, so you'll have to make do with this. And if you are female and do think I'm cool, call me.

Q. Why on earth is this blog named 'The Lord of the Things...'?
A. The answer to that is shrouded in the mists of history, leading all the way back to the 11th of November 2004 when this little baby was born... And the world was never the same again... this was the beginning.

Q. And last but not the least, is AC desperate for female companionship?
A. No, of course not! But if you are female and still think so, call me and I'll tell you why I'm not.

That should answer most queries. Have fun, and cya all in a while!


Ms. V said...

Hey. I don't want you to read out your blog posts to me, I don't want to provide you any sort of sexual education, I don't want to be coached on mosquito swatting, I'm not sure if I think you're cool and I don't think you're desperate for female companionship. I however am female. Can I still call you???

AC said...

Of course, Ms. V! Any time!

And I'll b very very disappointed if you don't...

Ms. V said...

A number is all I need then ;)

jealous girlfriend said...

Ud better not give her ur number!!!

Siddhu said...

Very punny blog. And that was a very unfunny, though rather punny, comment. Don't pick on me for this, cuz not only am i puny, I'm also as non-violent (and smart) as a bunny.

Have a nice time at IIMA. And don't stop blogging for trivial reasons like case studies or GPAs.

V's jealous boyfriend said...

Yeah.. I'll beat u into a pulp if u do...

Random Access said...

All the very best god bless IIMA.

Thanks for all the fish and birds so far.

@@Ms. V - You never asked me to call..not tht i will anywayz :P

Random Access
The search has just begun !!!

Ms. V said...

Yay :D I have a bf, not to mention a jealous one. Well, I say, I'll still take ur number unless my jealous bf takes off his cloak of anonymity. So don't let him come in your way ;) Though, your jealous gf might be an issue. But I'm sure you can sort that out!

And RA, you wouldn't call me anyway, which you have already admitted, so didn't waste my energy :P

Sneha said...

AC...I have'nt laughed quite as much as I did when I just read your little self-expounding Q&A , in a really long time...

Hilarious stuff...Uproariously funny...Damn cute..

Is it too late to join the looonnng line of women who seem to want you to call you??

Sneha said...

Oops..I meant call them..

AC said...

Thanks siddhu and RA :) Will try to blog reasonably regularly!

Ms V: I am still in the dark as to who my jealous girlfriend is, so don't want to mess things up by trying to sort it out with the wrong person! I'll tell you what, email me and I'll send u my number... and i'll ignore the jealous bf!

AC said...

Thanks so much mercury :) It's really nice to know that something I wrote made someone feel that good!

And sure, of course I'd like to call you or have u call me... you're at the head of a queue of length one!

aki said...

Hilarious! Especially the Arnie part, I'll be Beethovan. Took me a moment to get it, but then it had me in splits.

AC said...