Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Was fiddling around online, jobless as ever, and decided I'd create a banner for my blog. A Google search and 5 minutes later...

A static one, for now. If I ever feel driven or enthu enough to do so, I'll make a nice moving one...

Whaddya think?


shadow said...

Nice job!

Anonymous said...

how about

a scorpion might sting
but don't have wings

The lord of the things...

AC said...

Thnks ray! :)

Hmmm... hadn't thought of rhyming thingy at all... maybe I'll use that for the next banner. Thanks!

meera said...

very profound...and true...

Random Access said...

gumm da...nice to c urs around...will keep comin bak..

Have fun n ensoy life..

Random Access
The search has just begun !!!

Ms. V said...

I'm a scorpion. I sting. I also do the salsa. ;)

AC said...

Profoundness is all around us, in the cry of a baby and the chime of a cash register, the smell of wet earth and the feel of a cockroach running up one's leg...

Thanks RA, cya soon!

Ans Ms. V...
I envy you/
I really do/
I wish that I could/
Salsa toooo...
{To the tune of Love Me Do)

Ms. V said...

Doing the salsa/
Is no big feat/
Sway your hips/
And move to the beat!!!

(To the tune of No Particular Song)

AC said...

I wish I could dance like you/
I want to salsa like you do/
My inability to move to a beat/
Is a result of my two left feet

(To the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)

Ms. V said...

Two left feet or two right/
You just need the feet to help you move/
Once the music gets a starting/
Nothing will stop you get into the groove.

(To the tune of I Can't Think Of Cool Song Tunes)

AC said...

I'm sorry I didn't reply
Earlier; have been busy.
Tying up all the loose ends
I think I'm going crazy.

Getting into the groove
Is all very fine but
Everytime I get into a groove
I find it is a rut...

My track record as a dancer
Is as black as soot
You think my feet can do great things
To that I say - my foot!

(To the tune of Sawan ka mahina)

Ms. V said...

Exams aplenty
I did have too
That’s why I couldn’t
Get back to you

Salsa you cannot
But you sure can write
Maybe someday I can teach you
Move those feet right

(To the tune of I Can’t Think Of Tunes In Any Language)