Saturday, December 31, 2005

Three months and thirteen days

To stretch luxuriantly, all alone, over a double bed.

To ride my bike like a maniac through the familiar potholed streets.

To raid a well stocked refrigerator at 3 in the morning.

To be fed all my favourite dishes.

To laugh with old friends over a lingering drink.

To sleep 14 hours at a stretch, and not feel guilty about it.

To know that, in a few hours, I will once again see the waves rippling onto the beach.

To have time to put up this post.

To work on a Hindu crossword for the first time in ages.

To have someone to cuddle up to when I'm cold.

To begin clearing the first of 467 unread emails and 104 unseen Orkut scraps.

To call up classmates from IIMA, and realise I miss them already.

To spend 40 minutes in the loo with a good book, and not worry about missing a class.

To watch the happiness on my parents' faces as I show them pictures of my life over the last three months.

To be back home.