Saturday, November 20, 2004


I'm fed up of the CAT. I'm upto here with it. Everybody who's anybody (and many a person who's nobody) has an opinion on it and the phrase 'belling the CAT' is so damn cliched i feel like puking everytime I hear or read it.

Until now, I didn't quite realise just how traumatic it must have been for those writing it in November 2003 to be told the test was scrapped because of a paper leak. At that time, my attitude was more like oh ok, tough luck... but atleast they get more time to study! The incident gave me the chance to come up with a whole range of stuff like 'With the leak of the CAT papers, the country is going to the dogs!', 'What a CATastrophe!' and other stuff related to CAT catching peoples' tongues and CAT on hot bricks.

But just imagine... there are people who've been working towards this, slogging their asses off, for 18 months or more, psyching themselves up for the big day, hoping this is the one day their usual weakness in a particular section doesn't rear it's ugly head or that they don't make silly mistakes. People with fervent prayers - "Please let it be a three-section paper", "Please let the quants be easy", "Please let there be more LA than DI". It's just so difficult to close out absolutely everything else and devote oneself for two nerve-wracking hours to a few sheets of paper and a pencil that will determine one's future. And then, in a cruel anti-climax, it's cancelled. One's mindset shattered, one's preparedness rendered pointless. Especially for those who actually felt they were doing well...

I don't suppose anything of the sort would happen this time. I hope not, with all the increased security and scrutiny. I don't know how I would react if something like that happened. I just want to get the damn test over and be done with it.

So onward to tomorrow... All the best, everyone!

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