Wednesday, March 11, 2009

As a young man, my dream job always involved working with jaw-droppingly beautiful models...

Life, it appears, sometimes has an ironic sense of humour.

Super models!


Nandini Vishwanath said...

Aaah my handsome brother :) Look the same.

Thanks for calling the other day. Will call back one of these days. Felt good when you called :)

Vivek said...

Ooh, bubble charts. My favourite kind of framework/model :) Excel sucks, though.

From one model-driven consultant to another - Cheers!

cube said...

Heh heh. Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

NIRMAL said...

"Kanaku Pillai madiri irruku da endha photo"

You use a calculator? Thought there was calc in XP?? :)

your manager will be impressed that you are working always!!

Patrali said...

foojzie must've stolen ur dream job. these days he's doing exactly wat u dreamt of .... awww :p
btw .... bubble chart stacks or whatever u've b'com absolutely lazy dude....yaar one-liners n pics ar all that flaunt ur blog now.
here's a nice description of the current u

MechaniGal said...

LOL! Life sure is strange!

AC said...

@cube: I know I know :(

@Patrali: I am very painfully aware of that fact :( I long for the days when lengthy prose used to flow from my fingertips like rivers from the Himalayan glaciers or hate-laced speeches from right-wing politicians... but I'm in a bit of a creative rut AND facing a time crunch at the moment. Will work on it!

AMIT said...

Oh Yeah This is a nice picture of yours.

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