Saturday, September 06, 2008


Round trip tickets to New York: Rs 48,000

Figurine of badass medieval warrior wielding a battleax: $ 6.00

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Figurine of his breathing-pure-evil horse: $ 6.00

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Figurine of white knight sporting an awesome lance: $6.00

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Figurine of his noble steed: $ 6.00

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Adding a supercool duel between good and evil to my desk at work: Priceless

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There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's the Metropolitan Museum of Art store at the Duty Free at JFK.


Whacky™ said...

ROFL, really cool post dude .
i'm glad that i hopped into your post :)

Star People said...

We need to get you more work

AC said...

@Whacky: Thanks :)

@Star people: Aw come on :( I decide to indulge myself on the first long non-working weekend I've had in ages, and you grudge me that!

Shree said...

r u in NY?

Bg said...

Nice! Did u get to go to the actual museum? I did and there weren't any shops selling such stuff!
Its going to get this too!

AC said...

@Shree: I wish! I was in NY just for a day, as a stopover on a weekend visit to Boston. Back in good old Gurgaon now.

@Bg: Yup, I've been there before... love the place :)

Nandini Vishwanath said...

You did NOT tell me you were coming to the US!

You did NOT call me!?!?!? WTF! I'm really angry.

pnoasnidtiinvie said...

Aah, NYC, eh? What else did you see there besides rude people :) ?

Anonymous said...

You are back! yey! This is the probably of having links on your keep checking them and wonder why they are'nt blogging!

Thank you for the post
and a good one at it!


Anonymous said...

sorry about the typo..i'm quite asleep! i meant problem and not Probably!


Srividya Jayaraman said...

The figurines are a steal for $6!!

Karma Chamaleon said...

The Symbolism (of good vs evil on your office desk) is what really makes it priceless... :)
Good one!

Anonymous said...

supercool post!

- Soundarya

meera said...

thats an interesting spoof on the ad!!

AC said...

Whoa, that way more responses than I expected!

Nanduji... very sorry :( Short trip, slam bam weekend travel...

@pnoasnidtiinvie: Nothing, really! Just hung out with friends for a night, and then it was back home...

@Ag: Work hasn't allowed me to blog regular... irrespective of what 'star people' has said above!

AC said...

@Srividya: Well, given that they've lasted almost a month (and survived two short falls) without incident, I guess you're right!

@Karma, Soundarya, Meera: Thank you, thank you :)

sinsear777 said...

'Cept that's a morningstar, not a battle axe, just FYI.

Cool figures though :)

AC said...

@sinsear: Thanks, didn't know that!