Saturday, August 02, 2008

Random working layover haikus

High humidity
Quiet airport night
My spreadsheets flow thick and fast

Blissful loneliness
The world swims by in
Verdana, Font Size Fourteen

Don't know what to do
Bored, but I plod on
Shaping clients' strategy


Nandini Vishwanath said...

Oh Father (what the heck!) and Mother (Aaah!) in Heaven,

Please let AC's clients not read his creative pursuits. He is a talented boy, and needs to be himself in a boring corporate world, and this blog is just that. So, he knows not what he has done ;)

Designing the sails o' life said...

yeh kya tha bhaiiiiii >:|
abhi abhi i complimented u .... BIG TIME :p
this was kind of a a water-balloon, swoooshed over my high expectations on u ..... phew :p

squarecut.atul said...

Kaiku ye haiku ?
Waah, waah! Subhan Allah !
Is it how one is supposed to appreciate a Haiku ?

AC said...

@Nandu: Hey, everyone needs an outlet!

@pat: Sorry :)

Dharini said...

U Definately seem Bored!:)

Anonymous said...

I live powerpoint slides, see pdf docs everywhere, dream excel spreadsheets and my dad says I talk in bullets!

AC said...

@Dharini: My level of boredom correlates directly with the level of coherence of my communication... hence the random verse! :)

@karma: Join the gang!