Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Random jottings

I was cleaning the mess that is my table a short while ago and I came across my 7th semester hall ticket. Now the University introduced this concept of having a candidate's digital photograph printed on the document so as to discourage cheating and impersonation. Unfortunately, the images were so dark and distorted that they kinda didn't serve the purpose they were intended for. Just take a look.

That is not what I look like in real life... I've been darkened, squeezed sideways and stretched lengthwise until i'm a kinda semi giraffe-y version of myself. Lousy buggers.

All this reminds me of the last day of my exams - 9th Dec. The exam hall/class was on the second floor of a building with wide, uninterrupted, sweeping, panoramic views through the two windows. One afforded a view of the national highway (my college is on NH4: Chennai - Bangalore) in the distance while the other opened out on the piece of land connecting the building with the nearest other building in the college. Now this other building is too far to throw a paper rocket to, probably even a stone.

So there we were, all ready to write the exam and be done with the three weeks of torture. The atmosphere was one of suppressed excitement and tension. Some people were beginning to sweat pretty freely, so a few windows were opened. And then along comes this pompous University official who tells us that all windows must be closed. And when some courageous chap asked him why, the reply was 'to avoid malpractices' (sic). Them and their bloody 'malpractices'. What did he think, Spiderman would climb up to the second floor and hand us 'bit'? Or people would rappel down from the roof to help us cheat? Dumb, so incredibly blindingly dumb and pointless... sigh...

That reminds me of this awesome cartoon called Sheep in the City that used to come on Cartoon Network ($#@%&*% CAS...). Apart from a whole lot of amazing characters (like army officers General Specific and Private Public) and crazy stories, there was this small segment called The Ranting Swede. Oh, that was superb. This Swede (or probably an Indian with a Swedish accent if the job was outsourced) would come on stage and curse, yell, abuse, crib and generally rant about a particular topic. It could be anything, from supermarket bags to traffic signals to moon missions. And it was incredibly hilarious. (sigh) Those were the days...

Is Swedish even a word? Or is it just Swede? Swedish sounds like sweet dish... sweet dish, neat fish, strong hashish, bom diddly diddly bom, quick fix, asterix, old tricks, bom diddly diddly bom.


Anjana said...

Only you could start out talking about exams and wind up with Swedes, taking a detour through sheep. Randomness thy initials are AC!

NIRMAL said...

Hey Blade,
it was a nice picture.Imagine how would mine and prakash would look in the hall ticket.plz put that picture in your orkut profile :)
Swedish Sweet dish Swades or watever ,u told me ,u r going to stop from New Year..
Hope ur next post is on all the blades(jokes) u have said for the past four years.