Monday, January 24, 2005

Every year. Without Fail.

The scene: the shoot of University Challenge, the quiz on BBC World.

(taran-ta-taran-ta-taran-ta-tarantaran-taran-ta-taran-ta-taran-taran-tararan-taran-ta-taran-tara! That's the theme music, by the way. The teams - ABC and XYZ)

Siddharth Basu: Welcome back. Here's the next starter for ten points. What event is certain to occur during the week that Saarang is conducted by IIT Madras?

(Arvind of ABC buzzes) And it's Arvind from ABC!

Arvind (full enthu, convinced he's got it): The Republic Day parade!

SB: I'm afraid that is incorrect, the event can in fact be cancelled in the event of a natural disaster or war. Does anyone in XYZ want to go for it?

(Prashanth of XYZ buzzes) And it's Prashanth from XYZ!

Prashanth: Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Sriperumbudur will conduct its internal exams.

Siddharth Basu: And you've got your team ten points!

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