Saturday, December 11, 2004

Ahh + must watch movie + must hear song

Ahhhhhh..... no that's not relief at the end of a bout of constipation. That's relief that the exams are behind us and, what's really important, my net connection's back. Was totally disconnected for about a week. It felt lonely. Very lonely.

Anyways what follows was meant to be posted early this month, but here goes. As a wise man (no, not Confucius) once said: Better late than even later.

There's this totally mind-blowing movie called 'Kung Pow: Enter the Fist' I saw on Star Movies a few weeks ago. It's simply awesome. The movie's the brainchild of Steve Oedekerk. What he's done is take a 1978 Chinese movie, digitally replace the original Chinese lead actor with himself and redub it. And the result is bloody hilarious. It's a spoof of all chinese-to-english dubs there have ever been, with a good measure of The Matrix, Lion King and a few other huge movies being ridiculed. Full of bad continuity and intentionally lousy dubbing. And the dialogues are just plain nutty. My kind of sheer timepass no-brainer nonsense comedy. The villian, Betty, is simply incredible.

Dialogues/scenes to watch out for:
1. "Killing is bad and wrong, from now on there should be a new stronger word for bad-wrong or badong. Yes, killing is badong and from this day forward I will stand for the opposite of killing - gnodab."
2. Mushafasa, spoof of the Lion King's Mufasa. "This is CNN"
3. "Mmmm tiger tiger tiger....mmm birdie birdie birdie"
4. "I am a magician, your clothes are red!"
5. The scene where the Chosen One finds his master, his lover and his dog are dying.
6. "Tell me if you see a RadioShack."
7. "...By the way, you must beware of Betty's iron claws. They are sharp, and they hurt. And beware his song about big butts.. he beats you up.. while he plays it!!!!"
8. "That's a lot of nuts!"

Ok, I know all this won't make any sense to you when it's presented out of context, but trust me - this movie rocks! I'm chuckling as I write this blog...

Also, here's a song you've absolutely got to listen to. Bulla Ki Jana Main Kaun by Rabbi Shergill. It's in Persian or something, and is based on a work by the 18th-century Sufi poet Baba Bulla Shah. The video is currently on most music channels. Simply awesome song, very peaceful and moving. Listened to it about 30 times within 24 hours of downloading it. About 150 times in 11-12 days. I haven't loved a song so much since Allah ke Bandhe and Chinnamma Chilakamma.


Rama The Drama said...

I cant believe someone took the time to quote the dialogues from Kung Pow!hahahaha!weee..oui..oui..

I am just going nuts trying to get Rabbi's CD in US.And online there is only Bulla ki jaana song.Some songs are just addictive.You are right.Am listening to it non stop for past 2days.

AC said...

Yup, ramchi, the way it's caught on the world over is awesome!