Thursday, January 07, 2010

A full Cup must be carried steadily

Starting September 2011 (20 months from now), New Zealand will host the Rugby World Cup.
Starting February 2011 (13 months from now), India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh will host the Cricket World Cup.

20 rugby teams will feature in 48 matches, playing in 13 locations over a period of 44 days.
14 cricket teams will feature in 49 matches, playing in 13 locations over a period of 43 days.

The full draw and venues for the tournament were announced in March 2009.
The full draw and venues for the tournament were announced in October/November 2009.

A dedicated and detailed website has been launched.
The website, a page within the ICC's Yahoo website, features the latest news from recent cricket, but has limited information about the World Cup itself.

In New Zealand, a significant marketing campaign is being launched. Cathedral Square in Christchurch features a large billboard with a countdown to the World Cup.
Crickets chirping. No pun intended.

Merchandise is widely available across New Zealand and other countries.
No merchandise has been launched in South Asia yet.

Tickets went on sale (through travel agents) to a global audience on 1st January 2010.
Ticket information "will be announced to the public in due course", according to the website.



Anonymous said...

India's "VIP" brigade has already received their share of world cup tickets. ;)

AC said...

True, and very sad!

wsxwhx679 said...

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AC said...

wsxwhx679, I couldn't agree more.

Sid said...

This is just in line of typical Indian style of functioning. So, you see, cricket is fully Indian_ised now.
In case you've missed, Delhi Government says - what is the hurry to prepare everything 10 months before the Commonwealth games begin and that includes everything un(der)prepared.

AC said...

I have a bad, bad feeling about the Commonwealth Games... 10 months to go and venues are still basically sand and concrete dumps. I don't mean to be unpatriotic, but I can't help feeling it's going to be a massive mess.

eda said...
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