Friday, November 21, 2008

Another day, another wedding

More people around me are getting married. Colleagues, fellow IIMA alumni (seniors, batchmates, juniors), friends from Chennai.

And we make the usual jokes, poking fun at those sacrificing their independence and single status at the altar of marital bliss.

Pointing out that they will no longer be available for movies, a drink or a game, much less 3-day road trips.

Making snide comments about their transformation from marauding masters to simpering slaves.

Laughingly churning out the usual cliches - "one more wicket down", "crossing over to the dark side", "another one bites the dust"

But then I leave work for home.

It's a long, lonely drive.

I come home to a forbiddingly dark, cold house.

I wonder what to do with my Friday evening, unable to muster the enthusiasm or energy to hit one of the many parties I could be at.

I make myself some Maggi, the instant noodles a choice born out of tiredness and laziness rather than of taste.

I sit on my bed, watching random movies and reading random books until I'm bored asleep.

I half-write blog posts, a million thoughts, emotions, anecdotes in my head but no one to share them with.

And I think: Maybe this whole marriage thing isn't so bad after all.


Ashutosh said...


Nandini Vishwanath said...

Trust me. It isn't. *huuug*. Will call.

NIRMAL said...

AC you will be 25 in three weeks time !
what i could infer from this blog is you are getting ready :)) for it :)

Anonymous said...

ayyyyyo!aaaaawww! wish you so many nice things...hope you find whatever you are looking for.


state of mind? said...

interesting! m at the same crossroad as u seem to be...the more peaceful n serene life seems to u at this'll be a roller coaster post the plunge :))

AC said...

I strongly suspect I'll be singing a different tune, pining for my bachelor life, once I take the plunge :)

Jaya S said...

And what makes you think a man may not have to come home to Maggi even with a wife around? You'd better enjoy the peace and quite while it lasts.

Anonymous said...

I really like the way Jaya puts it - 'peace and quiet' it definitely is before getting married :) - Lizzy

Patrali said...

yep...acp to jaya
who knows if u try to change things u might wind up making dinner for 2 after work :p
hehe....maybe maggi won't be good enuff then :))
so....stay free n crazy....hang socks n write blog posts abt them....why take any risk re? :p

AC said...

Sometimes I wonder if its a little too much peace and quiet... but then I remind myself this is, for the most part, just the way I'd like it to be :) Living my good old devil-may-care bathe-occasionally, eat-maggi-frequently, let-papers-pile-up bachelor life!

Arvind Iyer said...

Wow...that was depressing!
Enjoy your bachelor status while it lasts :)