Saturday, March 01, 2008

Advertising change...

There's an ad campaign on air nowadays that I like a lot.

Actually, it's been on air for almost two months now, and I've been meaning to blog about them but I've been quite a lazy bum busy and overworked over the last few weeks.

It's an ad campaign for Canara Bank, a 100 year old national bank. It's part of its attempt to change its look and feel, and reposition itself as a reliable provider of hi-technology banking products and services, one that is relevant to the young customers of today.

The transformation encompasses several areas - technology, products and services, internal HR initiatives and a new corpoate identity (Link 1 and Link 2. The purpose of the ad campaign is to convey that this change has a human heart. Hence the tagline - "We all change for the ones we love."

Some are cynical, and say that this is just a cosmetic change - to expect a public sector bank to improve its service levels is laughable. Others, however, believe that with time, the naysayers will be proved wrong. I think it's a little bit of both. Perhaps there will be some change, necessitated by the increasing competition in the industry and the looming entry of foreign players once deregulation kicks in in 2009.

Before you read ahead, watch the two ads and form your own opinions.

AD 1 & AD 2

I like the first one a lot. It's very cute, and funny. And I love the bit where she asks for pink! But, emotional sap that I am, I like the second ad even more. There's something very... indescribably awwww about the mother's efforts in the ad, something that makes me soften and smile whatever mood I might be when the ad is on.

I wonder how my mother will react when I introduce her to my Punjabi girlfriend :)


Nandu said...

Which one? :)

NIRMAL said...

Hey AC,
Punjabi girl frinda?
sollave ella?

Unga amma nalla sattuvanga unnaiyum avalaiyum :P

Send ur invitation :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely advertisement I must say. btw you should follow up this blog post with another one - describing your Mom's reaction ;) - Lizzy

Vivek said...

Aha! At last!

Nandu said...

:P Guess we are more interested in your love life than your critiques ;) on contemporary advertising! So, I agree with Lizzy again and again. Funny how we agree on everything about you? :D

AC said...

Whoa whoa whoa, hold on... I meant a hypothetical Punjabi girlfriend!

Vivek said...

Yeah right :P

squarecut.atul said...

Lovely post and lovely blog.

A post devoted to love! I could not have guessed it.;)