Saturday, November 24, 2007

If you've always thought my blog's just bull...'re right!

The pic above was, of course, taken in New York. This is the famous Charging Bull near Wall Street. The sheer size, weight and massiveness of the sculpture was stunning. The level of anatomical detail was pretty impressive as well, including the surprisingly large... erm... you know. I'd put up a picture, but that wouldn't be appropriate given the fact that there are several impressionable young kids who read my blog.

On another track, a lot of you have been telling me through mails, dbabs and this blog that it's high time I get back to blogging... I'm really really sorry it's been such a while since my last post. I've been pretty busy of late, but life is so varied and one's daily experiences so unique (and, often, frustrating!) that there is always a potential blogpost round the corner... so do bear with me for a bit, I'll try to be as regular as possible in the months to come. That said, thank you SO much... it really feels nice to know there are people who enjoy my random flights of thought and look forward to reading more of it :)

(Btw, I owe the photograph to Divya, who waited VERY patiently till all the other tourists cleared off so we could take this shot!)


sagaro said...

Machan! Rathiri yoda rathiriya antha bull a flick panidu :P

Anonymous said...

:) nice. And you look HANDSOME in those clothes. Wear stuff like this more often kanna! Ya, you look slightcha hot and all :P And yes, please to update blog and all. I check everyday and go back sad :( Will call soon. - Me

P.S. Could have mailed no?

T.R.J.Nair said...

I just feel like being mean to you.

No worries. You can thank me later.

AC said...

@Sagaro: Good idea... aana customs le paatipen :)

@Ananoymous: I DO hope you're female... else it would appear I've got the target market for my pics all wrong! But thank you, nonetheless... compliments are few and far between in this cold, cruel world

AC said...

@Nair: Hmmm... Junior High School... don't know whether to be happy that I'm able to cater to those who are younger/less educated, or unhappy that it's childish!