Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Alvida... for now

I'm off to work. At last. After cooling my heels at home for what seems like an interminable summer. Gurgaon awaits, and I strongly suspect it has no idea of the pestilence (i.e. me!) that is about to hit it.

I'm leaving tonight, and it'll be atleast a week before I can get my laptop and an Internet connection. Never fear, though, I'll be back! The last couple of months of relative peace and quiet have reawakened in me the desire to write and the realisation that I am back to blogging and enjoying it, almost as much as I did two years ago.

For those who were hoping (some quite fervently, I've been told) this would be the end of this blog, all I have to say is a mocking "Ha Ha!" (Listen to it here.) (APA Ref: Nelson from The Simpsons, for the benefit of the bugging stickler who posted the first comment to my previous post.)

Ciao, all!


praveen said...

best of luck dude...we are only a blog away/....anyways hope you will not quit blogging..professional world =hectic work ...it will be little hard for you to blog in near future......but try to spare some time in this world also......

Anonymous said...

LOL! Bugging stickler you call me! :) No offense taken dude...but gusshow on your part, damn neat referencing this time :)

Anonymous said...


- He Who Has Forgotten His Name

AC said...

Thanks a lot Praveen... will definitely try to keep blogging :)

And anonymous... HURR!